Digital Humanities Lab

Tailor-made tools

A specialised team of eight scientific developers at the Digital Humanities Lab offers IT support by building tools for targeted research and education, mainly in the humanities. These include a wide range of applications, such as databases, visualisations and text mining tools. For examples and inspiration, take a look at the diverse portfolio the DHLab has built up over the years. You are welcome to contact the lab for both short- and long-term development projects.

The DHLab mainly works for researchers and teachers in the Faculty of Humanities at Utrecht University, but external organisations or researchers with a clear humanities link –cultural or language organisations, museums, etc. – can also submit a project proposal. We provide tailor-made price quotations, depending on the background/organization of the applicant. If you would like to know more about our rates, please send us an email.

Researchers and teachers of the Faculty of Humanities at Utrecht University can apply for free support for small-scale development projects. For example, we can build a small tool to support your current research, a plugin for your existing tool, or a standalone visualization for a research proposal. Are you interested in collaborating with the DHLab? Please send an email to request the application form and explanatory notes. On the form (one A4 page only) you are requested to (1) discuss the problem that needs to be solved by the programming job, (2) why this development project is the solution, and (3) provide a target date.